Design should be used as a business tool to increase the bottom line. ideascape exists to help companies do just that. 

As a business-minded creative studio, we combine strategy, design and technology to produce distinctive results. We work with open minds and love a challenge. The ‘fresh eyes’ we bring to markets and industries results in work that distinguishes our clients. Working collaboratively gives clients great confidence in the creative decisions and the thinking behind them. The resulting brand presence inspires confidence. For us, success is delivering the best possible creative foundation to reach your business objectives.


Ralph Lucier, is the founder and president of ideascape. Ralph helps launch and grow businesses. Design—very good design, in fact—is the vehicle for this, but that’s only the visible part of the story.

An experienced and successful entrepreneurial businessman, Ralph is just as comfortable reading balance sheets as he is color proofs. More important, he has finely tuned instincts about what makes his clients tick, and how he can best help them.

The combination of exceptional design sensibility, business acumen and insatiable curiosity means that Ralph can get to viable, on-target answers faster than most. Knowing what to do, and equally important, what not to

do, he’s very efficient at understanding complex situations and coming up with the right solutions without wasting a lot of time.

Full disclosure: Ralph simultaneously focuses on his own bottom line. So he works hard to establish the trust that results in long-term client relationships that benefit both parties. As he says, “I want my clients to genuinely feel that they spent their money in the right place.” Let’s talk.


There’s no fancy acronym for our approach to the work. Simply put: get the work done quickly and effectively, and try not to ruffle too many feathers along the way.

Peo­ple know their busi­ness bet­ter than we do. They under­stand their company’s cul­ture, what dri­ves their goals, and their com­pe­ti­tion. It’s our job to extract that infor­ma­tion, dis­till it, val­i­date it, and turn it into some­thing useful.

Our clients par­tic­i­pate in this, and most of them really enjoy it. It’s like a day out of school. Right from the start, it keeps every­one on the same page and focused on mov­ing forward.

In this work, the small­est details make all the dif­fer­ence and they ulti­mately deter­mine the suc­cess of the project. When the details are figured out, everything finally comes together.

As intense as the work can be some­times, flexibility is more than an asset; it’s a neces­sity. So we don’t let a rigid set of steps get in the way, or make the process more impor­tant than the prod­uct. And we don’t miss dead­lines. Let’s talk.


Few New England design firms have the breadth of industry experience that we do. Our insight into each vertical ensures the right approach for the right audience every time. We would like to add your company to this growing list. Let’s talk.

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