Building An External Communications Strategy

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How do you know when to speak out on DEI-related issues?

In today’s DEI landscape, there are many outside influences pressuring companies to take a stand for or against a variety of social issues. Given the pressure for quick, receptive DEI external communications, companies must ensure that their message delivery reflects their DEI vision. In addition, the vastness of social issues contributes to the challenge of delivering a position on a particular issue both quickly and appropriately. So it has become even more critical to have a strategy for when and how to speak out. 

There are various ways to evaluate when, how, and what your company communicates when it comes to DEI-relevant issues. Ideascape has several frameworks that can help facilitate this process. Check out the infographic below for a preview of how we apply rating processes and step-by-step decision analysis to identify your company’s key DEI priorities and their implications for your communications strategy.

Looking for more insight on how to use your company’s DEI vision to build an external communications strategy? Schedule a 30-minute call with us today to assess your current-state DEI strategy and how Ideascape can be a partner in helping your company reach its goals.

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