Diversity and Exclusion Within Legal Education

Higher education has long focused on diversity and inclusion and there are valuable lessons to be learned for the Corporate world.

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– Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) data reveal that students from different backgrounds have different perceptions of the same initiatives
– Students with less privilege also feel less valued– defined by first in their families with college degrees and/or carrying high amounts of debt
– “Those who are most affected by policies involving diversity—the very students who are underrepresented, marginalized, and non-traditional participants in legal education—are the least satisfied with diversity efforts on campuses nationwide.”

ideascape View: Higher education has long focused on #diversityandinclusion and there are valuable lessons to be learned for the Corporate world. Like many, we’re looking to find a definitive answer for DEI strategy prioritization – diversity or inclusion first? This article yields two valuable clues that can get us closer: 1) DEI cannot progress fully until non-majority stigmas are removed from the culture and 2) there is an economic aspect to diversity that many are less focused on because it may not be as obvious as race or gender. Ultimately, if someone feels uncomfortable in their environment, then their discretionary effort and productivity will decrease.

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