Diversity in the asset management industry

Stakeholder management is key, and so is allowing the individual a chance to define the change on their own terms

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Who’s interested: Primary – Senior Leaders, Frontline Leaders, and DEI Team

– Focusing on a single metric, like gender or racial diversity, can create additional limitations; in this case, within the Investment Industry, the data is not conclusive because many choose not to identify themselves
– It’s unrealistic to ask teams to explicitly transform their makeup near term, partly due to historical practice creating “an unbalanced talent pool”
– To start the change process, it’s recommended to engage with those weak in diversity by, first, establishing a baseline and then challenging those Managers to set their own targets vs. imposing something on them.

ideascape view: The takeaways are in no way exhaustive of everything Willis Towers Watson studied; however, they highlight the nuance of # #changemanagement application in the DEI approach. #Stakeholdermanagement is key, and so is allowing the individual a chance to define the change on their own terms. Regardless of industry or company, forcing or establishing policies and practices without iterative feedback and input will kill adoption. Accountability ultimately comes from those willing to shape and commit to their responsibility grid.

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