How to Close the Gender Gap and Advance Gender Equity

"81% of companies said it was important to have a plan for advancing gender equity but only 42% had one"

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81% of companies said it was important to have a plan for advancing gender equity but only 42% had one.

This article acknowledges many solutions to the barriers women face in recruitment and advancement. However, we see an important gap– the need to hire diversity-minded candidates and empower diversity-minded managers. 

We agree that ensuring diversity among hiring managers and those reviewing résumés is a must. However, the issue of women, and specifically women of color, feeling like “outliers” while inside an organization goes unsolved if diverse candidates are siloed to diverse employees for recruitment and management. Altering your recruitment practices means taking the extra time to ensure that candidates from in-group majorities, namely white men, are invested in diversity. Recruiting more allies along with diverse candidates reduces internal friction and increases the integration of new hires, thus avoiding turnover. 

At ideascape, our research encompasses both inside and outside-the-box thinking when it comes to evolving recruitment and gender equity. Our members benefit from collective experience and innovative research as they execute their plans. Ask Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines for the details.

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