How to Collect, Use, and Gain Insights from DEI Data in the Workplace

Is DEI strategy embedded within your company’s DNA?

Internal data collection – one way to show the concrete steps of your DEI strategy – may help you answer this question.

This article intends to outline the benefit of using DEI data beyond its legally-mandated function. This may not come as a surprise that taking benchmark metrics of your company’s demographic makeup, policies and procedures, and employee engagement makes sense from a business culture perspective. But the article makes an interesting point about the pitfalls of common DEI metrics, and it’s worth noting that a more individualized approach to collecting your company’s data might be necessary to drive your DEI goals forward.At ideascape, we offer members strategic advice and outsourced project work based on industry best practices. Whether it’s a sufficient understanding of your own organization’s priorities, or a fast move to foster strong data culture, reach out to Deon Gaines or Jonathan Dyke to make sure you’re making the most of your DEI data.

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