Hybrid work model will erode organizational culture

If you can do something in an emergency does it mean it’s a good idea to keep doing it in the future? Is a physical presence needed to maintain company culture? These are the ultimate questions we face as we look to post-pandemic work models.

“It has never been more urgent for businesses to develop strong systems to both identify and mitigate risks to organizational culture, before it becomes a crisis.”

The culture crisis that comes from spending more time in home offices goes beyond issues of missed “over-the-desk” conversations. The truth is, without embedding DEI into remote work plans, upward mobility will be exclusive to occupations and geographies with the least amount of diverse representation.

At ideascape, we see the need to create DEI touchstones cross-functionally, especially in regards to pandemic-response strategies. That’s why we’ve created team conversation frameworks and research briefs around potential DEI risks and considerations for issues like hybrid models.

We tackle the upstream planning so that you can easily navigate the downstream problem solving. Let  Jonathan Dyke or Deon Gaines tell you more.

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