Investors demand diversity disclosure

“How can we inspire more women to join our industry when all they see is the men being allowed to speak on public platforms?”

Joanne O’Connor, project lead for the Diver{Se}curity Report on DEI and the gender pay gap, posed this question about the cybersecurity industry. She points out that cyber webinars and panels – namely “manels” regarding their male-centric makeup – represent an industry where women just don’t make it to the top.

The article lays out key findings from the report on recruiting practices, hiring and retention among organizations in the industry. Along with only 10% of respondents indicating that their organizations have a gender quota in place, 66% of respondents who left their job did not participate in an exit interview with their employer – a telling statistic that proves the gap of valuable data on retention issues for women in the industry.

The author of this article leaves us with a call to action: leaders within their organizations must contribute to strong initiatives that influence recruiting, hiring, and retention.

Resolving gender disparities that continue to persist within the professional world at large will rely on increased thoughtfulness, new strategies, and well-funded initiatives. This is where ideascape can help. By changing the way we interact on a professional level, workforce diversity leads to greater productivity, enhanced engagement and expanded creativity. Reach out to Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to learn more about how our members address global challenges.

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