LinkedIn to Give Global ERG Co-Chairs $10,000 Yearly

"We are at a point in our company history where our ERGs have reached a level of operational excellence, cultural transformation and powerful retention impact.”

LinkedIn recently joined a short list of companies that financially reward their volunteer employee resource groups (ERG) leaders. The 20 ERG global co-chairs will receive $10,000 each year of their two-year terms.

Meredith Morales, LinkedIn’s senior diversity, inclusion and belonging program manager, said, “We knew it was time to design our systems of recognition and appreciation to more fully demonstrate the value we see in the contributions of our ERG leaders.”

There are currently 10 ERGs operating at LinkedIn and over 6,000 ERG members worldwide. In addition to the global ERG co-chairs, LinkedIn has over 500 ERG leaders.

In recent years, companies have recognized the unique value that ERG’s provide for employees and company-wide culture. However, it can be difficult designing, planning, and executing complex programs like these successfully. Companies that offer well-developed ERG’s like LinkedIn did not achieve this overnight.

ideascape helps members avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to DEI practices and tools like ERG’s. Whether your company is looking to develop its first ERG’s or revamping its playbook for dozens of ERG’s, ideascape can save you time and money. Reach out to  Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to learn about the other areas within the DEI terrain map ideascape assists companies with.

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