Most Companies Are ‘Going Through the Motions’ of DE&I

“Going through the motions” with DE&I procedures – in most cases, resorting to traditional corporate training or programming tactics – can contribute to more division than unity, according to the study, Elevating Equity: The Real Story of Diversity and Inclusion.

The authors of the report, who surveyed 804 HR professionals and held interviews with leaders around the world, claim that “The most powerful strategies to drive inclusion and diversity come from business strategy, not HR programs. When the business has the right focus, the HR practices add value. When done in isolation…the practices have little or no long-lasting impact.”

Their data solidifies this claim: 76% of companies surveyed have no DEI goals, while 40% view DEI as a way to mitigate legal or reputational risk, with HR as the enforcer.

The article goes on to describe what DE&I looks like as a business function rather than a set of HR initiatives. Spending time with leaders and organizations to develop tailored objectives,

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