New Weber report shows how top companies align C-suite strategy with diversity & inclusion

“While our study shows a strong correlation between alignment to the overall business strategy and positive business results, the fact is that companies can do more to maximize the benefits of their D&I initiatives. Our study should be a call to action to companies to bring the D&I function even closer to the organization’s overall business strategy.”

A study titled “Chief Diversity Officers Today: Paving the Way for Diversity & Inclusion Success” surveyed 500 senior-level corporate D&I professionals at high-revenue companies. The survey’s results provide insight into the “D&I Alignment Continuum”: a method of categorizing each D&I executive by their strategic alignment with business goals. Results highlight the benefits of dedicating the resources to D&I to ensure its integration into the culture and larger business strategy of the org:

1). Alignment has a tangible outcome on hiring.

2). Alignment positively impacts company reputation.

3). Alignment positively impacts company financial performance.

4). Alignment creates a competitive advantage.
Alignment doesn’t happen by accident. ideascape creates deliberate strategies to integrate D&I across all organizational functions, from leadership to financial accountability. Let us know how we can help you realize the returns on your D&I strategy through alignment success.

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