Shifting DEI Organizational Design

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What is the role of DEI in a modern organization? 

Over time, DEI initiatives have expanded focus from internal support services to comprehensive and sustained workforce productivity and development. As DEI teams become more involved in discussions of business performance and effective organizational change, DEI programming must evolve to support new goals. 

Your organization’s DEI team initiatives likely reflect talent management and internal community-building strategies. However, the opportunity for DEI impact on business performance and DEI-enabled societal engagement is around the corner and possible if your organization is proactively invested in the crucial steps to progress DEI strategy forward. 

Based on our research, it takes about six months for CDOs to transition from planning and strategy building to carrying out key goals. That being said, we have found eight planning hurdles that CDOs must overcome before completing their first six months in a new role or reprioritization period.

Access our guide to preview the typical planning timeline and specific high-priority impact goals that tend to drive the highest investment from CDOs. 

Looking for personalized information on the key strategies that could contribute to your organization’s success in planning your DEI timeline and investments for the future? Schedule a call on our website today or email with any questions you may have.

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