The Emerging DEI Role Framework

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What are the top strategic priorities for a successful Chief Diversity Officer?

As DEI-related services become increasingly necessary for workforce productivity and business competition, Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) play a crucial role in laying out the strategic framework for recruiting and retaining diverse talent. 

To fully integrate DEI services into the organizational model, the CDO must establish the resources to streamline access and collaboration on crucial DEI challenges across teams. 

According to recent Ideascape research, there are four key areas that CDOs must develop to efficiently expand the reach of DEI services and further support organization-wide DEI involvement. These four key areas include: 

  1. DEI management infrastructure
  2. DEI program development & delivery
  3. DEI partnership liaison/coordination
  4. DEI center of excellence (consulting, special projects)

Check out our guide to navigating the emerging expectations for teams’ engagement with DEI and the CDO’s role in facilitating organization-wide commitment.

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