Why leaders need to broaden their world view

#Inclusion is tough, as it often stands at the crossroads of accepted group dynamics and team norms that can be exclusive.

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Who’s interested: Primary – Senior Leaders and Managers, Secondary – HR and DEI Team

– Trust and “preferred messenger model” are two factors that allow some team members to have undue influence on Managers, and some to have little
– Leaders who want the best out of their people need to get more comfortable with different messengers – as it allows better opportunity for all team members to contribute vs. a favorited few
– If you truly want different perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities on your team and in your organization, then it’s imperative to change how you listen and who you listen to

ideascape View: #Inclusion is tough, as it often stands at the crossroads of accepted group dynamics and team norms that can be exclusive. However, if you think of inclusion as a key driver of #productivity, you’ll have a business case for addressing a lack of it. Productivity is not just about quantity of work completed, but also the quality of the work output. As much as Leaders may not want to acknowledge blind spots, who they continually assign their trust to can create negative reinforcement. In this case, being inclusive allows the team to strategize and execute on ideas more holistically and create a better product/service.

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