Making Space for DEI

embedding DEI in external communication strategies

It’s time to innovate how we think about DEI as an “organization within an organization.” DEI needs to be integrated within and outside of HR, creating shared ownership and shared accountability of company-wide goals, as well as creating high-touch and high-impact relationships between DEI leadership and the rest of the C-suite. 

Ideascape’s Embedding DEI in External Communications Strategy will help you define your goals in engaging your company in DEI issues. The included four-screen decision framework will help you decide whether your company should engage with a proposed DEI issue by assisting you in identifying the factors…

  • Motivating you to tackle the issue
  • Giving your company credibility in addressing the issue
  • Lending “staying power” to your company’s engagement with the issue
  • Giving your company confidence that you understand and can manage the consequences of engaging with the issue

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