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We’re dedicated to using this unique window of investment to turn DEI into a foundational business unit for years to come.

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Explore our Principles of Service, which guide every interaction, both with our team and with our clients.

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our philosophy

We believe in personalized relationship management over distant, self-service models of traditional consulting. Our service principles act as the bedrock of all our communication

know before
we go

know before
we go

We will understand–very specifically–your objectives, priorities, motivations, and management environment before we design and execute a service plan together.

present the world
as it is

present the
world as it is

We will bring unbiased, data-centered perspectives to the work we do on your behalf.

acknowledge uncertainty

acknowledge uncertainty

We will recognize and share openly with you the limitations of our own research and analysis.

thoughtful action

thoughtful action

We will promote disciplined decision making and responsible planning for the purpose of helping you accomplish your goals and manage risk.

make the process invaluable

make the process invaluable

We will find ways to help your team accelerate adoption of new ideas and develop new capabilities together.


stay flexible

We will change our service plan in response to changes in your priorities or circumstances.

our team

Our team comes from very different backgrounds but we all share one goal: to make DEI changes that outlast cycles of attention and adequately drive positive change.

jonathan dyke

founder & ceo

“Today, there is a window of opportunity for leaders to embed DEI best practice across their organization. We bring urgency to our clients knowing that this window might not last forever.”
I began my career focused on solving problems faced by senior executives at large companies across the world. As an early team member at the best practices and strategic research firm called the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), we pioneered the “membership model” of identifying a common set of issues, building a network of smart executives, and facilitating the path forward to make progress against priorities. Primarily through data and analytics, best practices research, networking and benchmarking, CEB built a membership of over 3,000 companies across the globe.
After 14 years at CEB, I moved on to start several fin-tech companies that were focused on  leveraging payment transaction data to connect on-line advertising to in-store revenue outcomes. We were instrumental in defining a new advertising category that is now called “card-linked offers”.
My last company was acquired in 2019 and I knew I wanted to return to my “problem solving” roots. I went on a “listening tour” of senior executives and heard a resounding call for more strategic support for their DEI initiatives. That led to the founding of ideascape (formerly FutureSelf Network).
Given the importance of DEI and the challenges companies face, it became clear to me that most companies would benefit from working with an organization (Ideascape) to identify and work through their top DEI priorities in a confidential environment, supported by an unbiased group that serves as an extension of their own DEI team.
My educational background includes: Vanderbilt University with a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development. MBA from the George Washington University. Cornell University Certificate of Diversity and Inclusion Studies.

karl kropp

head of product &
chief research officer

“DEI aspirations and expectations have evolved much faster than DEI playbooks have. Closing that gap means finding new ways for DEI organizations to add capability, accelerate impact and build credibility with stakeholders. That’s exactly what we help clients do.”

Serving as Head of Product and Chief Research Officer at ideascape offers a unique opportunity for me to pull together three separate threads from my own professional life—an interest in building new companies (more of a habit, really), a desire to help other leaders succeed and a drive to solve big problems.

Leadership teams at large companies are under enormous pressure to do something meaningful in DEI. At the same time, it’s clear to us that many legacy DEI management practices and much of the service ecosystem that’s grown up to support them aren’t well-suited to meeting new challenges in a higher-stakes environment. I’m excited to be part of a team that’s bringing new perspectives on DEI problems and solutions as well as fresh, client-centric approaches to service delivery.     

Over the past 20 years, I’ve founded and worked with a wide variety of early-stage companies as a private investor, senior adviser and executive team member. Earlier in my career, I was a leader in the strategy and finance practice at the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a pioneering best practices research and analytics firm, where I focused on high-profile new business launches, enterprise initiatives and product and delivery innovation.

I received a BS in Economics and a BA in International Affairs from the School of International Service at American University and completed advanced studies in International Trade, Finance and Security Policy at Universite Libre de Bruxelles and Economic Policy at Georgetown University.

In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, kayaking and tennis. I’m also an enthusiastic traveler, reader and guitarist.   

sarah kaufman

director of
research development

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”
I joined ideascape at the end of 2020 after finishing my bachelors degree in Integrated Strategic Communications from Washington State University. While studying I worked in the university newsroom and it was there that I developed an interest in social differences and equity. I also found a passion for fleshing out ideas and understanding facts.
Joining ideascape was a thought and idea changing decision. I enjoy the research, as it does not only make one think about the best practices of a company, but also about if those practices will help reach certain goals. Being that communications is a passion of mine, doing the research to further the understanding of this industry is such rewarding work. 
In my free time I enjoy reading, painting or playing tennis. And if it’s the Spring or Fall, I’ll most likely be coaching high school tennis if I’m not in the office. 
Want to learn valuable sales tech skills and practice your content writing abilities, all while working to advance workplace equity?
ideascape is a best practices and advisory platform for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders. We are looking for a Sales and Marketing intern to help with both technical and content-based needs.
What we need from you:
  • Update and organize the flow of information through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.
  • Leverage said CRM platform to identify potential leads and distribute targeted content.
  • Write copy for email outreach, LinkedIn posts, and website blogs
  • Analyze sales and market data to create trend reports and recommendations for overall marketing strategy
  • Research media and event opportunities, as well as making connections with local and national media to establish brand presence
  • Availability for 15 hours per week minimum
Why you’re a good fit for us:
  • You’re organized and scheduled in completing tasks (staying on top of a CRM depends on it)
  • You’re a skilled writer who wants to practice crafting and refining a brand voice (degree in a marketing or humanities field a plus)
  • You’re a self-starter who anticipates issues and looks to fix them in advance
  • You’re passionate about changing the way organizations treat DEI
  • Any research experience a plus (both quantitative and qualitative)
Why you’ll want to join the team:
  • Flexibility: Our company is built on the central tenet of meeting people where they are. This extends to interns– while we do have a minimum hourly requirement, how you structure those hours is up to you.
  • Dynamic Responsibilities: We are small but mighty, and we ascribe to an “all-hands-on-deck” philosophy. This means that there is ample opportunity to get involved with different parts of our business.
  • Impactful Field: While DEI is a rapidly growing area of interest, it’s clear that we have a long way to go in ensuring full equity in the workplace. This is an opportunity to make lasting, positive change.
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Are you curious about how executives make important decisions and drive change in large organizations? Are you interested in the ways companies are responding to their evolving social environment and managing the competing demands of their stakeholders? If you understand the Power of Big Ideas, are Passionate about Research and want to Make a Difference, let’s talk.
ideascape is seeking entry-level Research Analysts / Research Interns to play a key role in helping our team discover and document ideas that executives can use to transform companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs. Our goal as a firm is to serve as a trusted thought partner to our members and as a valuable extension of their staff—to offer a unique combination of fact-based perspective, decision support tools and management resources that make them more effective in their role and amplify their impact. Research is at the center of this mission.
Primary Responsibilities
  • Act as the “eyes and ears” of the research team. Use qualitative research skills to explore and interpret important developments in the DEI space, with a particular emphasis on companies’ initiatives and disclosure.
  • Prepare interim research deliverables, including article packs, summaries, data exhibits and internal presentations.
  • Apply basic quantitative research and presentation skills to identify patterns, trends, outliers and exceptions in structured data sets and communicate findings.
  • Contribute to brainstorming and planning sessions.
  • Codevelop pulse surveys, benchmarking studies and analytical frameworks.
Basic Qualifications
  • 1-4 years of experience in academic or applied research (undergraduate or higher)
  • Experience analyzing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Ability to communicate effectively in-person, by email and by phone
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Attention to detail
  • Proficiency with common office productivity and collaboration software (including video conferencing)
Preferred Qualifications
  • Social science or business background preferred
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Strong Excel skills and/or proficiency with statistical software platforms
  • Proficiency with data visualization software
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