4 Future Hiring Trends To Know

“With millions of Americans quitting their jobs and over 10 million jobs open, there is a dire need to think differently.”

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In order to attract top talent, companies need to focus their hiring efforts on 4 trends: Diversity, Employer Branding, Proactive Recruiting And Non-Location-Based Pay.

“With millions of Americans quitting their jobs and over 10 million jobs open, there is a dire need to think differently.”

Hiring and retaining top diverse talent is becoming an urgent challenge. Employers need to accommodate their employees more than ever, such as enabling flexible remote work. Besides offering key benefits, companies need to actively search for talent, rather than waiting for candidates to come to them. This requires maintaining ongoing relationships with potential candidates and establishing a company brand.

“Brand recognition has risen to a top priority for companies in 2021. In 2022, businesses will need to effectively communicate benefits, perks, and most importantly, culture to attract talent and stay viable.”

But it’s equally important to talk about internal branding when it comes to DEI. We’ve had countless conversations with leaders about telling their story internally– moving past employees asking, “but what does our DEI team do?” and actually garnering recognition for DEI teams as value-add conversation partners across their organizations. 

At ideascape we believe in not just walking the talk, but talking the walk. Contact Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to learn more.

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