Making Space for DEI

perceptions paradox

By late summer and early fall 2021, employees expressed generally high levels of trust and confidence that companies would achieve DEI goals. Employers on the other hand are 2x more confident in their DEI efforts. Despite these positive perceptions, many employees don’t know the true extent of companies’ current DEI efforts. 

While 87% of companies measure DEI in at least one area, only 30% assess the effectiveness of their DEI initiatives, and as little as 36% track and report on DEI metrics. How do we match these perceptions to companies’ actual DEI efforts? Data-driven DEI management.

Inadequate measurement makes it difficult to baseline performance, set targets, manage incentives, evaluate the impact of DEI practices, and communicate progress.

To learn more, read ideascape’s “Perceptions Paradox” and schedule a call on the ideascape website to challenge this perceptions paradox and establish measurement tools that enable your company to evaluate the impact of your DEI practices.

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