Making Space for DEI

addressing stalls in DEI progress

The fall of 2020 showed a spike in companies’ adoption of DEI practices and attributes as executive teams grappled with how to best react to and serve their employees amidst ongoing acts of racial injustice. However, since Fall 2021, the percentage of companies adopting DEI practices has stalled and even decreased – reflecting a change in DEI investment.

Disabling the self-enforcing cycle of DEI stalls 
Does the change in the percentage of companies adopting DEI practices mean that fewer companies need to adopt DEI practices after their 2020 push, or does it reflect an overall decrease in companies’ investment in DEI?
Within the last three years, less than 60% of companies have adopted even the most common DEI practices, indicating that decreases in company adoption reflect an overall stall in DEI momentum. Check out our latest research, “Addressing stalls in DEI progress” attached below to explore this question with us and learn more about: 

  • The question we ask then is:
  • The current state of DEI investment
  • Gaps in foundational DEI management roadmaps


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