Help Wanted: Diversity Officer Hiring Is Booming in the U.S.

Moving from $100k to $500k is a plausible financial action to back up your increased commitment to diversity, but what do you do if that type of budget is unavailable? What’s more, a dramatic increase in budget doesn’t necessarily align with the multi-year, even multi-decade process of DEI evolution.

You’re ‘doing diversity’ wrong again. Here are 5 ways to get it right

As we speak to a variety of DEI teams, oftentimes the pressure to act immediately (validate their value) outweighs the ability to strategically evaluate what can and will move the needle in certain pockets or across the organization. This gap hasn’t dissipated, rather it is wider now with weight of external organizational forces.

Why Intel’s CEO attends a monthly diversity committee meeting

Not everyone has $300M to dedicate to these initiatives, but this is Whye (and we) believes more companies need to work with each other to innovate and create sustainable, measurable and cross-industry #diversity, #inclusion and #culture capabilities.