Looking Back on 2022: Top 12 DEI Management Observations

It has been three years since the start of the pandemic and companies are still struggling to achieve their DEI organizational goals and commitments. Fortunately, while looking back on the hundreds of conversations we have with DEI leaders, we have observed important trends that, if actualized, can create substantial impact in any company. Here are ideascape’s […]

The Importance of External Disclosure

The next evolution happening in the DEI space is a rise in external disclosure and it stems from increased pressure and advocacy to ensure transparency from companies and industries. External disclosure involves being open and upfront about current DEI practices, mainly with their specific details and results in an effort to keep employees and the […]

Telling Our Story

Companies continue to put forth effort toward reaching specific goals within the DEI space, however communication challenges exist that halt potential positive impact within these organizations. Executives create gaps of awareness when they fail to fully communicate their perspectives on DEI and many employees don’t know the true extent of how the issue is being […]

The Emerging DEI Role Framework

What are the top strategic priorities for a successful Chief Diversity Officer? As DEI-related services become increasingly necessary for workforce productivity and business competition, Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) play a crucial role in laying out the strategic framework for recruiting and retaining diverse talent.  To fully integrate DEI services into the organizational model, the CDO […]

Shifting DEI Organizational Design

What is the role of DEI in a modern organization?  Over time, DEI initiatives have expanded focus from internal support services to comprehensive and sustained workforce productivity and development. As DEI teams become more involved in discussions of business performance and effective organizational change, DEI programming must evolve to support new goals.  Your organization’s DEI […]

The Future ERG Playbook

Do employee resource groups increase business performance? Since its inception in the 1960s as a response to racial tensions in the U.S., employee resource groups functioned primarily to support underrepresented minorities in business by providing a safe networking space to share experiences and challenges and overcome barriers to success.  Yet, this focus is changing as […]

Building An External Communications Strategy

How do you know when to speak out on DEI-related issues? In today’s DEI landscape, there are many outside influences pressuring companies to take a stand for or against a variety of social issues. Given the pressure for quick, receptive DEI external communications, companies must ensure that their message delivery reflects their DEI vision. In […]

3 DEI Best Practices to Implement Now

A skeptical woman points to the wristwatch on her hand and looks like she is losing her patience

As the Great Resignation drags on, the competition between companies to find quality talent remains fierce and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. This upcoming year is a pivotal moment for businesses to show genuine care for employees through meaningful attention and investment towards DEI.