Employee Burnout is Creating a DEI Emergency

A black woman sitting at a white desk rubbing her neck out of stress and burnout

While traditionally burnout has been kept private and looked at as an individual issue in the workplace – and in some particularly cutthroat cultures a sign of weakness – we now have to acknowledge that it is a widely shared issue. And that it is creating a DEI emergency.”

A Hidden Hurdle in Efforts to Diversify Boardrooms

The discussion of lower-level executives and employees gaining outside directorships mimics those that arise when rethinking ERGs, recruitment, internal pipelines, and accountability metrics. Namely, what do you do when strategy implementation creates resentment between different stakeholders?

How to Form a Mental Health Employee Resource Group

Mental health ERGs are one way to cover the intersectionality problem that other ERGs create. However, their establishment requires high levels of coordination with legal and HR professionals, as well as intentional, executive support.