DEI initiatives are important to a company’s hiring strategy

“Historically, American universities hired faculty members based on the quality of their scholarship. More recently, hiring committees have come to value something else: a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Faculty applicants are increasingly evaluated based on mandatory DEI statements, where candidates must demonstrate experience and interest in DEI ideology.”

Artificial Intelligence Bias Needs Oversight

“Despite some of the proven benefits of automated hiring, there remains the potential for misuse, resulting from the opportunities to introduce human bias at any stage of the automated hiring process—from design, to implementation, and finally, to the interpretation of results,”

Attrition Data: A Key Statistic for DEI Efforts

“Digging into attrition data can uncover problems you might miss on the surface. For instance, if Black employees leave in droves in year two of employment at your company, you have a problem.”