Takeaways From 231 CHROs on Successful DEI Strategies

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Gallup recently spoke with 231 CHROs from large companies worldwide to discuss how they address DEI.

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Gallup recently spoke with 231 CHROs from large companies worldwide to discuss how they create their DEI strategies. Needless to say, there is significant overlap in the beliefs and strategies being used in these companies, regardless of geography, industry, or company sizes.

Here are four takeaways we found particularly important.

1) Connecting DEI Strategies to Culture and Values – Integrating DEI into your company’s unique culture is critical to developing lasting impact. If DEI programs are not linked to a company’s foundation, buy-in from employees and sustainability are threatened.

2) Communication is Key – Top-down messaging from CHROs and CEOs are powerful. Executive buy-in and communication helps bolster DEI initiatives’ legitimacy and signals to employees that DEI is a priority, not a back office function.

3) Seeing is Believing – When progress is being made, it is important for employees to see and experience it themselves. Listening sessions and trainings are important, but employees need to see tangible change for DEI strategies to be successful. If not, turnover will build momentum and take away effort from other DEI areas.

4) Leveraging Transparency to Gain Trust – To stay ahead of the game, leaders must determine how to best create transparency around representation and other DEI metrics. External pressure from key internal and external stakeholders as ESG reporting becomes more common will only increase as the year progresses. 

Simply creating a DEI initiative is not enough. Rather, the implementation of the strategy is what’s important in order for employees to feel truly valued. ideascape works with you to develop a robust DEI strategy and ensure that the strategy is put into practice throughout the organization. Contact Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to learn more.

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