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Companies continue to put forth effort toward reaching specific goals within the DEI space, however communication challenges exist that halt potential positive impact within these organizations. Executives create gaps of awareness when they fail to fully communicate their perspectives on DEI and many employees don’t know the true extent of how the issue is being addressed.

This lack of perception is seen not only between executives and their employees, but a gap also exists between the company and their external stakeholders as well. In 2022, 29% of companies did not share their perspective on DEI with their external stakeholders and 23% did not even have a perspective at all.

Executives at these companies understand the need for DEI strategies, however they can be trapped into thinking solely from a business perspective while failing to include employees everyday perceptions of the progress being made. As key points and actionable solutions are first developed, a strategy for communication of how decisions were made and a definition of intended effects should be the very next priority.

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