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the perception-performance gap

In 2021, 81% of business leaders reported DEI progress as a primary focus for their company, yet less than half of global companies documented a multi-year DEI strategy or quantitative goals and outcomes to measure long-term DEI progress.

Current company initiatives tend to address “soft” priorities, such as building inclusive leaders, which focus on internal environmental, service, and support factors typically addressed by traditional training or ERG activities. While these initiatives usually have high visibility to diverse employees and quick returns, they affect short-term results with little to no impact on overarching talent management goals

To achieve sustainable, high-impact DEI talent management progress, Ideascape recommends final-mile integration- an integrative DEI strategy that involves key processes and management for high-impact change. To learn more about the barriers to DEI progress, as well as the final mile integration strategy, check out Ideascape’s “The gap between perception and performance.” 

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