When DEI Efforts Are ‘Doomed to Fail’

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The truth is that all organizational executives have a certain level of responsibility to assist DEI efforts.

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Is the implementation of DEI efforts and other responsibilities solely reserved for Chief Diversity Officers and their teams? Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine who is on the hook for DEI success at companies.

The truth is that all organizational executives have a certain level of responsibility to assist DEI efforts. For instance, CEOs who actively set expectations and lead by example can significantly help advance their company’s culture and inclusiveness. CFOs must be well-educated on the topics to fully understand the necessary financial requirements. CTOs can lead through advocating data-driven decision-making and ensure technologies are sustaining, not limiting DEI efforts.

Although everyone has a role to play, it can be easy for misalignment to occur. Executives must know what their personal responsibilities are and also trust that other stakeholders are well informed on topics and equally committed to driving change.

ideascape equips companies with innovative tools to plan, organize, and execute DEI strategies – without confusion or misalignment. It’s not just on CDOs to make this happen. It must involve everyone. Whether your company has 5,000 employees or 200,000, we can save you time and money. Message Deon Gaines and Jonathan Dyke to learn more.

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