Why Diversity is Critical for the Future of Technology

“Diversity impacts more than just workplace culture - it brings new (and profitable) innovation opportunities."

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“Diversity impacts more than just workplace culture – it brings new (and profitable) innovation opportunities. A recent BCG study revealed that companies with above-average diversity levels produce 45% of their total revenue from innovation (defined as products launched within the last three years). By comparison, companies with below-average diversity levels generated 26% of their total revenue from newly launched innovations. In other words, diverse teams drive first-to-market technologies that enable companies to stay ahead of competitors.”

Increasing diversity clearly has many tangible benefits to an organization’s innovation and bottom line, stemming from the inclusion of more perspectives and creating solutions that appeal to a broader audience. However, in order for this innovation to be recognized, employees need to feel welcomed to share their unique perspectives. Implementing diversity initiatives is one thing, but ensuring that all employees feel valued is an often overlooked challenge.

Simply creating a DEI initiative is not enough. Rather, the implementation of the strategy is what’s important in order for employees to feel truly valued. ideascape works with you to develop a robust DEI strategy and ensure that the strategy is put into practice throughout the organization. Contact Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to learn more.

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