Amplifying Voices of Colleagues At Work is Vital to DEI

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A recent study found that amplifying team members' ideas helps in more ways than we might expect

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Want an easy way you can help advance diversity, equity, and inclusion on a daily basis in the workplace? Practice amplifying others’ voices. It can really make a difference

A recent study found that boosting team members’ ideas helps in more ways than we might expect. Of course, amplifying voices and supporting others, particularly when they have little status, helps ensure that all ideas are being acknowledged and considered. Interestingly, this amplification of others can actually boost the status of both the idea’s originator and the person boosting them. 

An increase in status was observed regardless of gender. Men amplifying men, men amplifying women, women amplifying men, and women amplifying other women all resulted in the same outcome – both the amplified and the amplifier receive a status boost. 

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