We’re Going Back to the Office. Should We?

Work has become untethered from the office. This offers a range of possibilities for companies and their employees in the coming years. But how can leaders know what is best for their workers and their unique company culture?

Many proponents of remote and flexible work options believe that employees benefit from gaining more control in their lives. But what about burnout?

Many businesses actually saw an increase in productivity during the pandemic. However, employees who have turned their homes into their primary work space have the feeling of being constantly on the clock. This new sense of nonstop work can quickly lead to burnout and ultimately turnover.

So what’s the “right” path to choose? Are employers liable for employee burnout? What are businesses going to do when building leases are up and only 50% of staff has returned for in-person work?

ideascape was designed to assist your team and facilitate discussions to reach the best outcome for everyone. Reach out to Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to learn about the team conversation frameworks and other tools we have to offer.

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