D&I is Significant to Recognition Practices

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"At Companies Where Recognition Incorporates Diversity & Inclusion, 3X as Many Employees are Highly Engaged"

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“The sooner companies incorporate D&I into their recognition practices, the better off their employees and businesses will be.”
Takeaways from Study:
· 55% of employees are highly engaged at companies that incorporate D&I into recognition compared to just 17% of employees at companies with no integration
· 69% of employees believe DEI initiatives are effective at companies where recognition incorporates D&I compared to just 10% of employees working for companies that do not integrate these two elements
· Only 17% of employees and 32% of HR leaders believe their company’s recognition programs include a D&I component
This study highlights an interesting correlation between recognition at a company and the effectiveness of that company’s DEI initiatives. It is important for leaders to recognize correlations like these, particularly when they are trying to lift DEI programs off the ground. Given that company recognition practices are rarely talked about and even more rarely integrated with D&I components, this might be a key area DEI leaders can target to improve inclusion within workplaces.
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