Four Ways to Improve DEI Data

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“Tokenism is a recipe for failure.” 

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Almost all companies can stand to improve their DEI data.

“Tokenism is a recipe for failure.” 

As companies develop new DEI initiatives or build upon existing ones, data and analytics become critical to measuring progress. Quality measurements can allow companies to determine where improvement is needed and move beyond tokenism. 
In this article, Cindi Howson suggests that companies take these four steps to ensure they improve DEI data and put it to good use in their diversity efforts:
1)  Identify data gaps 
2)  Track leading indicators on inclusion
3)  Use collected data to build a single source of truth 
4)  Share information transparently
Applying data to a nuanced topic such as diversity, equity, and inclusion can be challenging. With ideascape in your toolbox, the process becomes more manageable, allowing your team to quickly learn from data and use this knowledge to further your company’s goals. Talk to Jonathan Dyke and Deon Gaines to hear more about how we can assist your company’s DEI efforts.

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