Mental health at work – why stigma is a workforce health issue

The cost of staying silent about mental health in the workplace is a large one.

Problems caused by stigma are inextricably linked to your company’s bottom line, as untreated mental health conditions can cost billions of dollars every year. According to the article written by Dr. Don Mordecai, a psychiatrist from the Stanford University School of Medicine, mental illness is the single greatest cause of worker disability worldwide.

Once understood, though, employers have an opportunity to address this stigma head-on. Company culture – one that prioritizes health-related conversations and works to accommodate the needs of individuals – is one of the most effective tools.

With a forward-moving mindset, we’ve given thought to navigating stigma and helping our members put concrete plans into action. ideascape is here to support full inclusivity within your workforce. Contact Deon Gaines or Jonathan Dyke to gain access to a community of business leaders who want to ensure that no employee struggles in silence.

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