Board Diversity in Corporate Governance

“Too often, we limit our understanding of diversity to identity-based differences. When we do this, we overlook diversity’s true force: the unique and varied expertise and experiences that, when integrated, drive problem-solving, improve decision-making, and expand our creative potential.

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Diverse people collaborating in the office

Individual companies must take action to root out systemic bias in their own hiring practices, but that alone won’t move the needle on representation…diversity alone is not enough. It doesn’t work to just ‘add diversity and stir.’ A paradigm shift must combine multiple elements”

This is how Big Tech is failing its Black employees

Far too often is DEI strategy and planning around “groups” confused by Companies as the problem vs. an audience to solve for. identified root causes to underrepresentation and opined on why only committing to monitor groups was a failure

Why Intel’s CEO attends a monthly diversity committee meeting

Not everyone has $300M to dedicate to these initiatives, but this is Whye (and we) believes more companies need to work with each other to innovate and create sustainable, measurable and cross-industry #diversity, #inclusion and #culture capabilities.