3 Key Considerations for DEI-Enhanced Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are crucial for successful DEI initiatives; providing benefits to support an employee’s family, financial future, physical and mental health not only retains but also attracts top talent. Many organizations are undergoing employee benefits program restructuring, offering DEI leaders a key opportunity for high-impact engagement.  Overall, here are the three top concerns to think […]

Hair Discrimination in the Workplace and DEI

A black woman with a face mask stands with her arms crossed

“According to a study by the Gallup Center on Black Voices, one in four Black workers in the U.S. reported being discriminated against at work last year and, with offices reopening, 97% of Black employees are concerned about returning to work environments where microaggressions are commonplace.”

Diversity in STEM: NASA and ESA on inclusion in space

A building with the NASA logo

“If you look at pictures of some of NASA’s first astronauts, you might notice they all have something in common — every one of them is a white man…Women were only able to apply to NASA’s astronaut corps starting in 1983 and, to date, out of about 600 people who have been to space, far less than 100 have been people of color, and only four Black women in history have been to space.”

Diversity in Private Equity: A Need for Change

A group of hour woman in an office peer off at something

“PE firms should encourage and enable their portfolio companies to invest in high-priority DEI initiatives that will enable…an inclusive culture while outperforming their peers.”

DEI In Medical Research: How Digital Technology is Helping

“Lack of diversity has been a longstanding shortcoming in health research. That lack has not only failed underrepresented groups in the past but also threatens the progress of medical science and the healthcare industry in the future.”