Hair Discrimination in the Workplace and DEI

A black woman with a face mask stands with her arms crossed

“According to a study by the Gallup Center on Black Voices, one in four Black workers in the U.S. reported being discriminated against at work last year and, with offices reopening, 97% of Black employees are concerned about returning to work environments where microaggressions are commonplace.”

Diversity in STEM: NASA and ESA on inclusion in space

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“If you look at pictures of some of NASA’s first astronauts, you might notice they all have something in common — every one of them is a white man…Women were only able to apply to NASA’s astronaut corps starting in 1983 and, to date, out of about 600 people who have been to space, far less than 100 have been people of color, and only four Black women in history have been to space.”

DEI Programs Need Corporate America’s Support

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“58% of DEI leaders said their CEO and/or executive management team are involved in decisions to endorse and advance DEI, yet only 13% of those senior leaders are proactive and visible in demonstrating their support.”

About Catalyze Tech

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Individual companies must take action to root out systemic bias in their own hiring practices, but that alone won’t move the needle on representation…diversity alone is not enough. It doesn’t work to just ‘add diversity and stir.’ A paradigm shift must combine multiple elements”

The Importance of Social Recognition

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A recent survey conducted by Workhuman found that “Overall, 71 percent of all respondents said their company has made noticeable progress around DE&I since last year. And despite this majority, 40 percent of [people of color] employees surveyed stated their company has not made noticeable progress.”

ESG is Changing the Boardroom Climate

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“Regardless of the moral imperative, corporate leaders are recognizing the potential investment, regulatory, and legal risks of doing nothing when it comes to addressing issues like climate change, diversity and inclusion, or corporate transparency.”

Omaha Fire Department emphasizing public sector diversity

A press conference held by the Omaha Fire Department

On Tuesday, the Omaha Fire Department announced that they are focusing on hiring more women and people of color. “Representatives of the department say having someone to relate to when on a call only helps when it comes to resolving emergencies, [and] the more diversity they have in the station, the more cohesive they become as a team.”

Mental health in the workplace: Removing Stigmas

Mental health in the workplace

According to the article written by Dr. Don Mordecai, a psychiatrist from the Stanford University School of Medicine, mental illness is the single greatest cause of worker disability worldwide.

Five things that make great leaders in tough times

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“Unprecedented” is a word that’s been used a lot over the past year, but for business leaders still trying to navigate the socio-economic fallout, it’s still relevant. From this article crafted by Courier, it’s obvious that leaders must change their mindsets to focus more on the short-term strategy. 

Employee Burnout is Creating a DEI Emergency

A black woman sitting at a white desk rubbing her neck out of stress and burnout

While traditionally burnout has been kept private and looked at as an individual issue in the workplace – and in some particularly cutthroat cultures a sign of weakness – we now have to acknowledge that it is a widely shared issue. And that it is creating a DEI emergency.”