Stalls in DEI Progress

The fall of 2020 showed a spike in companies’ adoption of DEI practices and attributes as executive teams grappled with how to best react to and serve their employees amidst ongoing acts of racial injustice. However, since Fall 2021, the percentage of companies adopting DEI practices has stalled and even decreased – reflecting a change […]

Perception Paradox

In 2021, 81% of business leaders reported DEI progress as a primary focus for their company, yet less than half of global companies documented a multi-year DEI strategy or quantitative goals and outcomes to measure long-term DEI progress. Current company initiatives tend to address “soft” priorities, such as building inclusive leaders, which focus on internal environmental, service, and support […]

New Momentum and Old Challenges

Social unrest across the spring and summer of 2020 prompted the reprioritization of DEI, yielding a heightened organizational focus, a substantial increase in DEI roles, and the reallocation of resources. So while DEI executives have the greatest opportunity in a generation to help reshape their companies’ social agendas, daunting challenges that threaten their ability to translate opportunity into […]

Embedding DEI in External Communications

It’s time to innovate how we think about DEI as an “organization within an organization.” DEI needs to be integrated within and outside of HR, creating shared ownership and shared accountability of company-wide goals, as well as creating high-touch and high-impact relationships between DEI leadership and the rest of the C-suite.  Ideascape’s Embedding DEI in External […]

Evolution in DEI Organizational Design

In recent years, DEI organizational design has started to move away from the historical focus on service, support, and standalone programming. How has DEI organizational design evolved and how can you ensure your company is involved in these new areas of practical engagement?  Check out ideascape’s Evolution in DEI Organizational Design to learn more about: – […]

Know Before You Go: DEI Scorecards

Know Before You Go: DEI Scorecards

Scorecards are great for measuring progress towards achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals. The intentions and specifics behind DEI scorecards can vary from organization to organization; however, they are highly customizable and appropriate for any business seeking to improve their levels of DEI integration.  While DEI scorecards are incredibly important, they can be tough […]

3 Key Considerations for DEI-Enhanced Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are crucial for successful DEI initiatives; providing benefits to support an employee’s family, financial future, physical and mental health not only retains but also attracts top talent. Many organizations are undergoing employee benefits program restructuring, offering DEI leaders a key opportunity for high-impact engagement.  Overall, here are the three top concerns to think […]

3 Strategies for Building a Next-Generation DEI Practice

3 Strategies for Building a Next-Generation DEI Practice

As we near the end of Women’s History Month, posts, guides, and articles on strategies for advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives for women in the workplace are flooding our LinkedIn feeds. It’s a familiar mix– vague allusions to “improving company culture,” increased anti-bias trainings, renewed support for ERGs and BRGs, and increased executive […]

Mentorship Program Design – Know Before You Go

Mentorship Program Design – Know Before You Go

Mentorship programs are great for employee retention, satisfaction, and professional growth. These programs boost sense of belonging for all of those who participate, benefitting both mentor and mentee. But as we rethink these programs within the context of DEI, it’s time to shift our focus towards sustainability– designing mentorship programs with universal buy-in and enhanced […]